New Zealand Dress Regulations 1852-1909

ISBN: 978047348327
Author: Barry O'Sullivan
Price: NZ$85.00
Ex Tax: NZ$73.91

The book has been signed by the author, Barry O'Sullivan.

A comprehensive and detailed study of New Zealand's military dress regulations from the volunteer period is published for the first time. It brings together long-forgotten regulations in one place and form.  The book details 24 New Zealand dress regulations, as well as the relevant British Army regulations.  High quality colour photos invite the reader to explore the uniforms and accoutrements worn in New Zealand by local units.  The book fills the vast void in our understanding of the topic and will enable exploration and identification of artefacts and photos in both public and private collections.

The book will be of use to museums, historians, collectors, genealogists, re-enactors and costume departments.  In 480 pages, it presents colour photos of over 350 artefacts(from many public and private collections), and four quick reference identification guides for patrol jackets, forage caps, pouches and trousers.  It lists more than 600 unit colour distinctions and identifies over 70 badges and buttons, while also providing a vast amount of other period information.

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