Publishing Services

Step 1

Consultation / Manuscripts

Consultation / ManuscriptsWillson Scott Publishing will consider any non-fiction manuscript. We are able to offer an appraisal of your work from professional editors, who will provide you with a written report. The report will make recommendations and will offer an opinion as to the economic viability of publishing your manuscript.

Step 2

Formal Agreement / Planning

Formal Agreement / PlanningAfter consultation with the author or editor a timeline is produced for the development of the book. Items on the timeline include: writing, editing, proof-reading, cover design, layout, printing and marketing. We enter into written agreements to ensure that everybody has a clear understanding of the legalities involved in publishing. This ensures that at the end of the journey we have produced a book of the highest standard which is highly marketable.

Step 3

Cover Design

Cover DesignWillson Scott Publishing uses a wide range of professionals. We will produce a mock-up cover design for client approval. This mock-up design will be incorporated into our release sheet which is sent to distributors and bookshops to promote the book.

Step 4

Style Decisions / Text Layout

Style Decisions / Text LayoutDecisions are made about the style of body text and overall layout. Initial layout is completed and either digital or printed proofs are sent to clients. When the client is satisfied the book is then sent to the printer.

Step 5

Printers Proof / Final Check

Printers Proof / Final CheckThe printer sends back an advanced copy for proofing and final checking of images and layout.

Step 6

Finished Product

Finished ProductThe final product is delivered to a destination of your choice. Arrangements can be made for overseas deliveries.