It won't happen overnight: Creating wealth through New Zealand property

Publisher/Supplier: Willsonscott
ISBN: 9781877427589
Author: Mike Pero & David Weusten
Price: NZ$19.95
Ex Tax: NZ$17.35

‘It won’t happen overnight…’ takes you through the process of getting started in property investment in New Zealand. Mike Pero and David Weusten step you through almost everything a successful property investor needs to know to succeed, from the basics of budgeting through to tips on selecting property, exercising due diligence and managing the buying process itself.

They also cover managing debt and cash flow as these are critical elements to successful property management.

Those who invest in property are often criticised in the media for being greedy, self-serving and a blight on the country. Yet without the people looking to create wealth for themselves through property investment, and providing the capital to house those who can’t or chose not to own their own property, it would be left to the government, local bodies or charitable organisations to provide rental housing resulting in higher taxes for all New Zealanders.

Mike Pero and David Weusten offer the essential handbook to equip new property investors and provide reassurance to those already in the market.  Although it won’t happen overnight with the wisdom and experience this book provides you can be assured it will happen!

Available May 2018

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