Willsonscott’s Budding Author’s Platform

Budding Authors

Being a publisher, we receive many manuscripts (unpublished novels etc) with a request to review and hopefully publish.
This presents us with some problems and some opportunities


  • Time to commit to reading the manuscript
  • Critically reviewing
  • Decision on taking a commercial risk



  • Chance to be entertained/informed
  • Chance to discover a new Author
  • Chance to make or lose money

With the world being so much more connected online now and the fact that many budding authors do not have the resources nor connections to promote and publish their stories, we thought we could help provide a platform for them on our website to get this exposure and feedback.

For budding authors, we invite you to submit to us,

  • A summary of the story
  • Is it a one off or part of a series?
  • Completed or percentage complete and number of words
  • One or a few chapters for us to list on this page. Ultimately, we will be looking for readers to pay to get more chapters/finished book.


For Willsonscott

  • The potential to get published, based on sales and feedback received, not necessarily by WSPI, who may act as agent.
  • A clip of the ticket on the payments to the authors.


For the readers

  • A chance to find something new to read, before it is published.
  • To provide feed back
  • Opportunity to input


This is the start of something new and as time, demand and knowledge is gained this will be updated and improved.
The manuscript or work will not be edited or formatted as initially no fee is to be charged.

Each new page for each new story

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