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Being a publisher, we receive many manuscripts (unpublished novels etc) with a request to review and hopefully publish.

With the world being so much more connected online now and the fact that many budding authors do not have the resources nor connections to promote and publish their stories, we thought we could help provide a platform for them on our website to get this exposure and feedback.

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Publisher/Supplier: Budding Authors
Author: Gabor Bain
Price: NZ$1.00
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This is a Budding Authors product. You can download a FREE sample chapter and once you have read that you can decide to pay for additional chapters as they are completed by the author. We will email the file to you once we receive your order and notify you when additional chapters are available to purchase.

This is a sad as well as angry memoir of a man who felt he had been torn between two worlds and yet, was blessed to have survived both before leaving Europe for New Zealand.

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About the Author: Gabor Bain

Over the past forty years I have bored my wife with stories of my past. She is my witness to the authenticity of what is to follow since she also took part in some of my adventures. I have seen changes of which no previous generation could have dreamed. As a mild-mannered and optimistic Gemini with artistic leanings, I have managed to retain my sanity through all that has happened. My personal odyssey has been a stormy one. Most of my life has not been worth a great deal to anyone except myself. The Damoclean sword seemed to hang over it most of the time.

What I write here is not fiction although in places it might seem so. This story deals with real people and real places. There may be some discomfort for those whose names appear here. To them, I have no sympathy. I have been on both sides of the social fence in a semi-feudal country trying to progress towards Capitalism. I have had the privilege, some would say, of being brought up in the traditions of both Christian and Jew. I am still searching for a Truth that will sustain me.

May I wish you well.
Christchurch, New Zealand
2000 A.D.

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