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Being a publisher, we receive many manuscripts (unpublished novels etc) with a request to review and hopefully publish.

With the world being so much more connected online now and the fact that many budding authors do not have the resources nor connections to promote and publish their stories, we thought we could help provide a platform for them on our website to get this exposure and feedback.

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Publisher/Supplier: Budding Authors
Author: David Weusten
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This is a Budding Authors product. You can download a FREE sample chapter and once you have read that you can decide to pay for additional chapters as they are completed by the author. We will email the file to you once we receive your order and notify you when additional chapters are available to purchase.

Set mainly in New Zealand, a coup takes place just after global terrorist events including the Twin Tower attack in New York, USA.

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David WeustenAbout the Author: David Weusten


After 22 year working for ANZ in NZ and internationally he set up Financial Service Providers Ltd in Christchurch in 2000. During the last few years he has had numerous articles published, been on local radio and TV and authored 4 published books, the latest co-authored with Mike Pero, “It won’t happen overnight” creating wealth through property investing in NZ was published in 2018.

He is a business mentor and was appointed as a Pacific Island Business Mentor for PNG in 2011 and had 7 trips under MFAT’s funding.

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