Going Solar: Understanding and Using the Warmth in Sunlight

Publisher/Supplier: Stonefield Publishing
ISBN: 9780476010826
Author: Tomm Stanley
Price: NZ$29.95
Ex Tax: NZ$26.04

Going Solar contains everything that a budding or experienced solar enthusiast could wish for. By distilling thousands of years of history and knowledge into one book, Tomm Stanley brings together the work of pioneering solar designers, some of the greatest scientists that the world has known and a range of modern, practical applications for hands-on people to create a delicious brew of thought provoking, solar thermal discussion.
Enthusiastically coaxing readers through the essential concepts at work in fields of study as diverse as history, geography, nuclear physics, thermodynamics and astronomy, Going Solar reveals the "how's" and "why's" behind the solar heating phenomenon. When the subject matter turns to a study of devices that use solar heat, readers have a firm grasp of the natural forces at work and an appreciation of how the technology might be applied in their own lives.
Written in easy-to-understand language for everyday people and the scientifically challenged, Going Solar contains a delightful blend of humour, fact and function that continually guides readers back to the purpose of its making; understanding and effectively using the warmth found in sunlight for our day-to-day lives.

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